Poems published in online journals


September 2020

Four poems: Exposure, A Crash Pad in Berlin, Lament for Lady Mondegreen, Testament

April 2019

Two poems from the Greek island of Kea:
Spooked, A Declaration

June 2018

Six poems: Treading the Boards, The Marks on the Map, Meaning, Township, The Weight, Day of Rest

April 2018

Three poems: Coal Tatoo, Handel Composes The Harmonious Blacksmith, Side Effect

March 2018

Three poems: Three Definitions of Twilight, John Clare's Rules, A Message Received

September 2017

Poem with photographs by Robert Moyes Adam: Adam on Mingulay

April 2016

Three poems: Given, In Pefki Gorge, Dead Hare

June 2016

Poem & interview: Armstrong's Arrival in Chicago

October 2016

Two poems: The Last Train from St Fort, Mrs Delany's Remarkable Paper Mosaicks

May 2015

Three poems: The Weight, Sister of Mercy, Weldon Kees in New York

August 2014

Poem sequence: Four Allegories of Independence


Five poems: Dwellers in the Hollow of the Walls, Out Station, Wake Up Call, Accessory, Excavating Dere Street on Soutra 1966


Seven poems: The Branded Hand, Pledge, Detail, Surfin' Safari, Xmas Present, The Whip Hand, One for the Road
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