The author's poems have appeared in numerous anthologies since the 1990s.
The following is a selection of some of the most notable.


Places of Poetry: Mapping the Nation in Verse

Editor: Andrew McRae / One World Publications, 2020
With an introdution by Paul Farley

The Places of Poetry project was a five-month literary festival that invited poets to pin poems relating to place, heritage and identity on a digital map. This anthology, which showcases 200 of the best of these poems, is imbued with a strong sense of journey and discovery. The reader will encounter not only a variety of places but a multiplicity of perspectives from individuals united only by their fascination with place. Poets featured include Gillian Clarke, Ian Duhig, Jen Hadfield, Zaffar Kunial and Jo Bell.

The Darg

Editor: Jim Mackintosh / Poets Republic Press, 2019

Published to mark the centenary of the poet, songwriter and political campaigner Hamish Henderson, this anthology brings together new work, written in English, Scots and Gaelic. It captures the spirit of the man - poet, songwriter, socialist, Fringe festival pioneer, archivist and cultural historian, pre-eminent voice of the Scottish folk music renaissance, anti-Apartheid campaigner, champion of gay rights and equality. It includes poems by Stuart Paterson, Hugh Macmillan, Magi Gibson, George Gunn and more than fifty other poets.


Editors: Katie Ailes & Sarah Paterson / Luath, 2016

The poems in this anthology reflect the rapidly evolving nature of Scottish politics, standing as a testament to the engagement poets are making with the political landscape today, not only on reflecting on current events through their work but also by issuing provocations which reframe and challenge conventional assumptions. Contributors include Hugh McMillan, Pippa Little, David Kinloch, Marjory Lotfi Gill, Harry Giles and Robert Crawford.

Liberty Tales

Editor: Cherry Potts / Arachne Press, 2016

Liberty, personal and legal, is the strating point of this wide-ranging collection of responses to Magna Carta, some directly relating to specific clauses of the document, others more concerned with how we experience freedom in the 21st century. Contributors include Alison Lock, Andrew McCallum, Elinor Brooks and Kate Foley.

Seagate III

Editor: Andy Jackson / Discovery Press, University of Dundee, 2016

An anthology of the best contemporary poetry from in and around the city of Dundee. It follows the earlier anthologies Seagate (1975) and Seagate II (1984), and showcases the range of poetic talents at work in the area. Contributors include W N Herbert, Don Paterson, John Glenday and Ellie McDonald.

Corbenic Poetry Path: Collected Poems

Editor/curator: Jon Plunkett / Diehard Publishers, 2016

Poems featured on the Corbenic Poetry Path in Highland Perthshire. A 3.5km path meandering through a variety of terrains, the poems in the anthology appear in media including stone carving, laser wood etching, acryllic casting, and glass engraving. Poets featured include Jim Carruth, Chrys Salt, Kathleen Jamie, Alec Finlay, Patricia Ace, Ron Butlin and John Glenday.

The Other Side of Sleep

Editor: Cherry Potts / Arachne Press, 2014

An anthology of long poems from several pages length to almost epic proportions, this anthology republishes Brian Johnstone's poem sequence Robinson (originally published as a pamphlet in 2000). The long but by no means traditional poems, by contemporary voices all tell a story, sometimes in a straightforward purposeful way, sometimes in a roundabout oblique way, but always with a thread of narrative woven through. Contributors include Angela France, Geraldine Green, Inua Ellams and Kate Foley.

Double Bill

Editor: Andy Jackson / Red Squirrel Press, 2014

A sequel to 2012's Split Screen, this anthology of specially commissioned poems includes a further selection of the UK’s finest poets. Delving into an even broader range of popular culture, the poems are individual and often quirky takes on film, music, television, fashion and sport. Brian Johnstone's poem is a tribute to the early career of Van Morrison. Contributors include Phill Jupitus (aka Porky the Poet), John Hegley, Jo Bell & John Glenday.


Eds: Madeleine Campbell, Georgina Collins, Anikó Szilágyi / Evertype, 2014

A collection of translations and essays on contemporary Scotland's rich tradition of literary translation, this volume celebrates what is good about literary translation, its power to bring together, rather than to separate. All the texts have a vital connection to Scotland through their authors or translators, languages or themes. Contributors include Christine De Luca, John Purser, Donal Adamson, Jennifer Williams & Richie McCaffery. The anthology includes Brian Johnstone's sequence Cothan/Reliquary, evoking the Celtic Saints, in English and in Gaelic translation by Christopher Whyte.

Split Screen

Editor: Andy Jackson / Red Squirrel Press, 2012

A themed anthology of specially commissioned poems by many of the UK’s finest poets. Taking its lead from an icon of popular culture, either from the world of film or television, each poem is a personal take on a popular theme. The poems are presented in double page sections with complementary or contrasting characters on facing pages. Brian Johnstone's poems look at Marilyn Monroe's childhood and Tom Baker's role as Dr Who. Contributors include George Szirtes, Annie Freud, W N Herbert and Ian McMillan.

100 Favourite Scottish Poems

Editor: Stewart Conn / Luath/SPL, 2006

A selection of old and new favourites by Scottish poets from the middle ages to the 21st century, incorporating those chosen by BBC Radio Scotland’s listeners’ poll. The anthology was edited by the then Edinburgh Makar, the capital city’s poet laureate, and published in association with the Scottish Poetry Library. The poem Behind Your Eyes was selected from the chapbook Homing. Contemporary contributors include Jackie Kay, Liz Lochhead, Robert Crawford and Alastair Reid.

The Book of St Andrews

Editor: Robert Crawford / Polygon/Birlinn, 2005

A unique collection of writing about the ancient university town and former religious capital of Scotland, St Andrews. The anthology brings together writers from four millennia, all with a focus on one of the world’s most famous small towns. The editor selected for inclusion The March Stone, about Tentsmuir Forest, from the chapbook Homing. Contributors include Douglas Dunn, Seamus Heaney, A L Kennedy, Don Paterson and Paul Muldoon.

Love for Love

Editors: John Burnside & Alec Finlay / Morning Star/Polygon, 2000

An anthology of love poems celebrating the persistence of love. Selected Scottish poets were invited to chose a favourite love poem and compose their own poem in response. The anthology was published in the long running pocketbooks series, a compendium of art forms and ideas. Brian Johnstone’s poem Pomegranate is a response to Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet XLVI. Contributors include Edwin Morgan, Robin Robertson, Ian Hamilton Finlay and Kate Clanchy.

Present Poets

Editor: Jenni Daiches / National Museums of Scotland, 1998

A special publication to celebrate the new Museum of Scotland. Many of Scotland’s foremost poets were commissioned to write short poems on natural or material evidence of Scottish life and culture as featured in the museum collections. Brian Johnstone’s poem The Machine Room deals with the display of mechanical industrial models which fascinated him as a child. Contributors include George Mackay Brown, Kathleen Jamie, John Burnside and Iain Crichton Smith.

Other anthologies include:
A Kist of Thistles  Editor: Jim Aitken, Culture Matters, 2020
A Kind of Stupidity  Editors: Jean Rafferty & Ray Evans, Dove Tales, 2018
New Writing Scotland    Various editors, ASLS, editions 2017, 2014, 2012, 2011, 1998, 1997, 1992
New Boots and Pantisocracies   Editors: W N Herbert & Andy Jackson, Smokestack Books, 2016
Skein of Geese    Editor: Eleanor Livingstone, The Shed Press/StAnza, 2007
Reactions 4    Editor: Esther Morgan, University of East Anglia, 2004
Reactions 3    Editor: Esther Morgan, University of East Anglia, 2003
Such Strange Joy    Editor: Allan Crosbie, iynx, 2001
An Intimate City    Editors: Bashabi Fraser & Elaine Greig, City of Edinburgh Council, 2000
Things Not Seen    Editor: Stuart B Campbell, Aberdeenshire Council, 1999
After the Watergaw    Editor: Robert Davidson, Scottish Cultural Press, 1998