A pamphlet collection of poems on rural themes, with specially commissioned art work, published under the author’s own imprint The Lobby Press in 2004.

The collection is devoted to rural themes, including mainly landscape poems, poems dealing with the author’s life in the Scottish countryside and rural explorations further afield. The chapbook features a series of original drawings by artist's book maker Jean Johnstone.

In Homing, the author sought to create a carefully designed and visually arresting publication which would both reflect and complement the subject matter of the verse. The inclusion of art work was planned not to be illustrative but to echo the rural nature of the poems.  The overall intention was to achieve a simplicity of design and stark aesthetic which would allow Homing to communicate both visually and through the texts of its poems.


'This is the poetic equivalent of dancing across a tightrope, and just as hard to pull off. The poems are rhythmic, metred and skilfully enjambed, techniques that give [them] form and impetus, the feel of a metaphorical journey. The language used is accessible, but in subtle and elliptical [ways], so that often you do double takes as you read. Just goes to show that you don’t need to plunder the OED to be profound.'    
Paul Lee, happenstancepress.com


'A beautiful book, with its meditative and descriptive gravities and sonorities, and its knack of coming out into shafts of light - both literal and in terms of its moments of illumination. Satisfying too, to read poems so unobtrusively and satisfyingly crafted, and resolved.'    Stewart Conn